Eliminate Half The Inconvenience Of Business Travel With Limousine Services

The business world is filled with intangible but necessary processes that help a business owner seal the deal. In its simplest forms it might mean taking a client out for coffee and biscotti for more impact it might be a lunch or dinner event. But if the goal is to really impress, nothing can beat having the client met at the airport by limousine services.

If a company business partner has taken the trouble to travel for a conference, meeting or to receive a proposal briefing, it is worth making sure they are comfortable and feeling well. For anyone that has been through the air transportation system, every bit of comfort is appreciated, because flying has enough inconvenience built into the process already. Having someone there to assist is a great relief.

Typically, the arrival at the airport is a hassle. First up is the wrestling match with the crowd to get the bag stored in the overhead compartment. If the passenger is lucky, their stuff is within reach as they stand in the aisle waiting to exit the pane, if not then there is additional stress.

Once out of the plane, there is the trek to baggage claim to wait for the airline to get all the baggage from the plane to the carousel. Once claimed, there is the wait in line for customs and finally it is time to get a rental car. The client is faced with another line for the rental car to wait in while juggling the luggage, the computer and briefcase and another reservation hassle.

The car rental process has gradually become even less convenient than it once was. As airports expand, most rental facilities have had to relocate outside of the airport. This means the customer has to do the bag drag out of the terminal, find the correct place for the company they use and wait for a bus.

Once finally at the rental facility, verification of the reservation and car selection ensue, and finally the luggage can be put in the trunk. Now the challenge is to figure out where exactly one is located on the map, and how to get to the hotel. If it is a first visit, this is confusing and can be quit annoying, especially if one is tired after a long trip.

After navigating through traffic and finally finding the hotel, one has to get everything from the car to the lobby to check in, and then figure out where to park the car. If there is valet parking the process is a little better, but pricey. If not, there is another trip outside to take the car from the check in spot to designated parking.

But everything after customs can be replaced with a quiet, comfortable ride in luxury. Limousine services changes the impact of arrival from a harrowing, tiring event to one of leisure, comfort and convenience. A little worry free pampering after a flight can make a world of difference to the demeanor of the client and a positive beginning to the business meeting.

Top Indoor Venues In Kingston, Jamaica

Here comes the rain again… While for some this is just another rainy day, for event hosts this can be a major problem. We have all heard about the events that get canceled or postponed due to this kind of weather, and considering the climate we have here in Jamaica, we never know when it’s going to rain. The easiest way to ensure that your event won’t be affected by uncertain weather is by hosting it at an indoor venue. Luckily, in Kingston, there are several indoor venues that accommodate indoor events. Here, we recommend our top five indoor venue picks for hosting events such as weddings and birthday parties (in no particular order):

Terra Nova Hotel

Location: 17 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10

Why we recommend it:

The Terra Nova has several indoor spaces perfect for accommodating events such as the El Dorado Room, the Pavilion by the pool and the Venetian, where brunch is usually held. They also have special packages for weddings and receptions, so both can be held at the same venue, and offer complimentary one night accommodation to the bride and the groom.

Knutsford Court Hotel

Location: 85 Chelsea Avenue, Kingston 5

Why we recommend it:

Central location which boasts two entrances (one closer to Half Way Tree, the other closer to New Kingston), the Knutsford Court hotel also has our seal of approval for best indoor event location. Along with the seven individual conference/function rooms they have available, they are known for the Blue Mountain suite, a banquet room upstairs overlooking the lush garden courtyard.

Wyndham Hotel

Location: 77 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5

Why we recommend it:

Centrally located in the heart of New Kingston, this is also another perfect location for indoor events. World-renowned, the Wyndham is known for the quality of its events and they even offer planners to assist. Their Grand Independence Ballroom can be divided into six rooms for smaller events, all fully air-conditioned.

The Jamaica Pegagus Hotel

Location: 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5

Why we recommend it:

Very close to the Wyndham Hotel, the Jamaica Pegasus is also centrally located for ease of access. They have a variety when it comes to choosing indoor locations. Their Grand Jamaica room, similar to the Grand Independence Ballroom of the Wyndham, can be divided into smaller rooms. They also have one of our favorites, the Talk of the Town on the 17th floor, which gives a lovely view of the city.

Devonshire, Devon House

Location: 26 Hope Road, Kingston 10

Why we recommend it:

The Devonshire is a beautiful venue surrounding a small garden and pond which can be viewed from all rooms. With the option to stay indoors or move about outdoors, you can have the best of both worlds and not have to worry about how the weather will affect your events. One has the option to rent the entire venue or to select from one of the three interconnected rooms.

Best part about all these venues? They are all perfect for the Uru Multimedia 45K and 55K packages. So you get a beautiful worry-free venue at an affordable cost with guaranteed quality. With that, we say, let the rains come.

Enjoy a Cruise in Winter

Exploring winter in Europe is incredibly romantic; the beautiful cities and majestic architecture are truly inspiring in the season of good will. Taking a river cruise in winter is ideal for celebrating the festive period and here are just a few of the cruise options you have during that time.

Run-up to Christmas

Each year Christmas fever catches the world, but as wonderful as Christmas is, the build up to it is often stressful and hectic. Don’t let it get to you this year; take a river cruise along the Rhine and really get settled in to the Christmas spirit! Continental Europe is world famous for its Christmas Markets, so why not do some Christmas shopping whilst on your relaxing cruise? You can even take a Christmas Market themed cruise and visit 5 within a week, sampling Belgian chocolate and German sausage along with all the wonderful arts and crafts you can purchase for family and friends.


Leave last-minute food shopping and constant cooking behind you next Christmas, and instead spend it having the relaxing time that is sometimes the most precious gift. You can still experience all the great things about Christmas, including the festive decorations, a delicious traditional Christmas dinner and spectacular entertainment to perfectly complement those cosy evenings in. As well as all of this on board, you will also be able to explore fantastic cities such as Cologne and Koblenz whilst cruising down the beautiful Rhine Valley.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do in that slight lull between Christmas and New Year. If a relaxing, interesting stress-free time is what you’re after, then a Twixmas cruise is perfect for you. Making sure that you get all the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve whilst still finding the time to take a breather is what river cruises at Twixmas is for. Simply sit back, relax, enjoy the beautiful Rhine scenery and explore the fascinating cities whilst being looked after by an attentive crew.

New Year

Welcome in the next year of adventure with a classy celebration as part of a wonderful river cruise. Explore some of the fantastic cities in Europe over 5 days, and top it all off with a classy gala dinner and party that will see you see in the New Year in all of your finery. Get your year off to a great start by cruising down the Rhine with a host of crew members at your service.

Rent A Denver Limo to Experience the Old West Legacy in Denver

The rise of modernity and the economic development of the 21st century have added a layer of modernity to the life in Denver, but they hadn’t have enough power to push the old-west legacy off this Coloradoan city. Old West still lingers in the corners and in the heart of the city, where only a limo can take you in Denver. A Limo works as a bridge between 21st century modern Denver and 19th century “old west” Denver through which you can travel back and forward in time, at will.

A tour of Denver on your limousine will take you through the museums, galleries, and mesmerizing art and artifacts created by Native Americans. You can also steal a chance to see the resting place of the “original cowboy” William F. “Buffalo Bill”, if you may, on your limo trip.

Places to see on limo tour of Denver

Colorado History Museum

A visit to this museum will take you through the memory lane of the city in the time when people traveled in covered wagons, mined hard surface of Denver’s rocky mountains, and lived in the true west. The museum has a fascinating, and of course unparalleled, collection of artifacts and historic photographs. All of which expresses the fun and excitement that life in Denver had to offer in the previous centuries. It also showcases the rich cultural heritage of the city.

Four Miles Historic Park

Time seemed to have died at the entry gate of the Four Mile Historic Park, which rests peacefully on the bank of Cherry Creeks — as if it is going to live there for eternity.

The 12-acre stretch of the park has hidden in its tight embrace the oldest standing structure of Denver (among other things) that gives you an authentic “Wild West” like feeling. Experiencing the life of the old west in the park cannot be surpassed by any experience you will have of true American spirit anywhere in America, and the fun and excitement get quadrupled if your ride is a luxurious limo. The Denver’s park hosts many more activities to keep you and your family entertained. It has some special activity designed for kids as well. The place is merely four miles from Downtown Denver.

When taking a tour of Denver on a limo, you can also check out places like Rockmount Ranch Wear. It is a must-visit place in Denver. The Limo tour will not be complete if you have not seen it. Other places you must go are: Civic Center Park, Black American West Museum, Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum, and Denver Art Museum, particularly the Western American Art collection section.

The above mentioned places are must-visit places for a person who wants to give his kids a solid sense of history, and no ride other than a classy limo will suit the occasion. The opulent and spacious interior of a limo will give your kids enough space to do all their “kid things” in Denver. A Limo becomes necessary for that.

Kabankalan, the Most Progressive Place in Negros Occidental

Have you heard about the place called Kabankalan? It is one of the provinces in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. It may not be as famous as Bacolod City, but it is considered as one of the most beautiful and unique municipality in Negros Occidental. They say that Kabakalan is a very progressive place. It is even known as a first class city in the province. Geographically speaking, Kabankalan City is bounded on the north by the City of Himamaylan, on the southeast by Negros Oriental, on the southwest by the Municipality of Ilog and on the northwest by the Panay Gulf.

If you are familiar with Philippine festivals, you’ll know that typically, there is just one festival in every area. But Kabankalan is different from other places. This city hosts not only one, but three big festivals that attract a lot of tourists, not only locals but also foreign people from various other countries. One of these three major festivals is the Kabankalan Sinulog which is celebrated every January in honor of Sr. Sto. Nino. This festival is held together with the well-known Sinulog festival in Cebu, the queen city of the South. The other two festivals are Udyakan sa Kabankalan, which is more of a street party, and the Charter Anniversary which is one of the happenings most celebrated by everyone in the city of Kabakalan.

You might want to know some facts about the historical background of Kabankalan. According to historians, the word Kabankalan came from the term “bankal”, which is a species of a tree that is very abundant and can easily be found in the place. The early settlers established the barangay type of government, wherein every group has its own leader called the Capitan. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This first class city is normally a less than two-hour drive from Bacolod if you choose to pass South using a private car. But if want to enjoy a long trip, you may ride a public bus which can take you to the city in two hours or more.

Hotels and restaurants are everywhere in the area. As mentioned earlier, this place is very progressive and is even competing with other popular cities all over the Philippines. The food in the city is so delicious that upon tasting it, you can even forget your name-that’s for sure. If you want to experience the love of Mother Earth, there are also a lot of wondrous spots you can explore. From valleys to hills to unforgettable falls, name it and Kabankalan surely has it.